I’M lost in translation

A long path has brought me to express my vision of the world through photography. My passion for Northeast Asian politics and feminism leads me first to undertake studies in these fields. Cities like Lille and London sculpted my perception of perspectives, shadows, and water.

However, I didn’t know what was to carry a camera on my shoulder before moving to Japan, the cradle of camera optics. Living in Tokyo was a refreshing blow to what I was aiming for. A desire towards the chimeric beauty of an incomprehensible country. From the magnificent mess to the idyllic nature. I started to document my lost in translation life.

Returning to my roots in the middle of a worldwide pandemic had a decisive turnout. Beyond capturing instants, writing became a need. Photography goes hand in hand with writing. Journalism was hidden so long under my nose. I’m now following my heart, or to be more precise, my fingers, whether they press the shutter, or they hold a pen that scratches the paper.

My lost in translation world became a lost in phototranslation one.

© Inès Peltier, London