Olympus Digital Camera

Nature et robots

I often question myself about the nature that surrounds us. It is green, flourishing, and dying. Rocks and plants, aluminum and fabrics. I have this image of robots made with aluminum: sliver shiny, extremely intelligent, yet so fragile. A bit like nature at the end. Green shiny, extremely intelligent, yet so fragile.

In this portrait series, I wanted to combine nature and robots, the way I see them, vulnerable, but pretty much breathing, organic. Robots are only a representation of our true selves, we design them in our image. They, therefore, acquire all of our flaws, but also all of our beauty.

And in our deepest fears, we expect a future where robots will completely replace us, humans. As a matter of fact, it is already happening. The last part of this series is in black and white and shows the robot – the human – eating an apple, a translation of a darker world, where only robots will be able to live.

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