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Formose whisper

Every time I leave Asia, I lose a piece of my heart. It hurts. Leaving Japan more than three years ago was the most difficult and heartbreaking decision I made. Leaving Taiwan today feels the same. And yet I was only there for eight days. Frozen moments on film.

Late Drinks

The speak easy is hard to find.
He told me his zodiac sign was leo.
The cocktails are good.
The conversation goes on. Sincere. Honest. I can hear the British accent. Although no one is British at the bar counter.
Free tequila shots.
My eyes get blurry. Is it the lenses I’ve been wearing all day ?


Spicy ?
Yes please.
Mistake. my mouth is burning. But his sweet look softens the air.
Three plates of meat ? Mushroom, and noodles ?
I’m full
Should we have sex ?
His skin is peachy. He’s stressed. He can’t get work out of his mind.
He’s beautiful.

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